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Create your own platter.

Cheese only, Charcuterie only or mix and match !

Platters come with French Artisan baguette! 

3 for $19 | 5 for $31 


Brie Cheese, Pasteurized Cow, France
Hood’s Blue Cheese, Domestic
Comté 6 Mo. min Aged, Pasteurized Cow, France
Manchego, Sheep, Spain
Cheddar Vintage Reserve, 24 Months Aged UK
Goat Bucheron, France
P’tit Basque, Pasteurized Sheep, France
Mimolette, Pasteurized Cow, France
Casatica di Bufala Water Buffalo, Italy
Creamy, with a plump, custardy texture 

Saint Angel Cow Triple Cream, France



Proscuitto, Pork, Traditional, Italie
Coppa  Pork, Domestic
Rosette de Lyon Pork, France
Olli Mild Salame French Style, Domestic
Saucisson Rouge, Spicy, Domestic
Rust Belt Saucisson, Cold Smoked, Domestic
Garlic Sausage Pork, French Style, Domestic
Dry Cured Duck Breast FiletFrance
Pâté Forestier  
Pork & Chicken w/ Mushrooms,  Domestic
Pork & Duck Pâté w/Orange Peel
French Style, Domestic

Pork & Chicken Liver Pâté w/ Black Peppercorns



Our Cheeses SAVEURS DE FRANCE are back !!

Shipped from France every week !


Add one or two to your Platter | $8 each
Fourme d’Ambert
Blue Cheese, Tours, One of France’s oldest Creamy & Moistured
Cow, Normandie, matured to the very heart
Pont l’Eveque AOP
Cow, Normandie, soft and Creamy, finely textured and smooth
Saint Nectaire
Cow, Auvergne, aged in old vine cellars, creamy w/a taste of nut
Ste Maure
King of Touraine, goat cheese, slightly salty w/a nutty savor

  * All cheeses and charcuterie are subject to availability 

Black Dry Cure Olive Nicoises │6
Koroneiki EVOO Organic, Greece - w/bread │6
Hummus w/bread │ 6