Mix and match any items from the list below.

$9 for one │3 for $25 | 5 for $39

Our meat is 100% vegetarian Fed, and or No Hormones or Antibiotics. No Nitrates


Camembert Cow, FR | soft, moist, creamy

Tomme de Berry Tomato-based, Cow, FR | firm

Black Truffle Gouda Cow, Holland | firm, mild

Tomme de Montagne Cow, FR | semi-soft, mild

Tomme de Berry Basil-Pesto based, Cow, FR | firm*

Brie Pasteurized Cow, FR              

Roquefort Société Sheep, FR | creamy, moist, blue

Comté Cow, FR | firm, aged 6 mo., mild, sweet

Manchego Sheep, Spain | semi-firm

Cheddar Vintage Reserve Cow, UK | aged 24 mo.

Bûcheron Goat, FR | semi-soft, mild

P’tit Basque Pasteurized Sheep, FR 

Saint Stephen Cow, FR | triple cream, soft  

Saint Angel Cow, FR | triple cream, buttery-smooth



Prosciutto traditional-style pork, Italy

Saucisson à L’ail uncured pork sausage with garlic

Rosette de Lyon French-style salami

Olli Mild Salame Italian-style

Saucisson Rouge spicy, pork salami

Rust Belt Saucisson cold-smoked, pork salami

Duck Rillettes ground & spreadable 

Pâté de Campagne with Cognac firm

*Our meat and cheese selection can vary upon arrival


Pan con Tomate  13

toasted baguette with manchego, prosciutto, tomato

Baked Brie 17

brie wheel, apple, walnuts, and dried fruits with honey drizzle

Smoked Salmon 18

house-made Blinis, Crème Fraîche & Lemon

Mousse of Duck Foie Gras  17

France, 2% Truffle, Balsamic Glaze, Fleur de Sel 

Dry-Cured Black Nicoise Olives 6

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 8

Greece, with baguette

Hummus with baguette 7

French Baguette & Butter 5



French Macarons 6 assorted flavors 15
Chocolate Soufflé Raspberries & raspberry sauce 8