Fromage, Fromage, et Fromage

Cheese is the oldest of all the man-made foods; it even appeared before bread and wine! The legend goes that the method of making cheese was discovered by accident, while milk was stocked and transported. The transport of the milk was done in a container fabricated from animal skin and internal organs. The presence of the natural rennet in the stomach provoked the transformation of the milk into curds. From here, cheese was born.

One of the most popular item on our menu is the five imported cheeses from France. Each cheese is different and unique, yet compliments each other. Learn more about each cheese below and why we selected it.


Bleu d’Auvergne

Description: “A mainly salty taste with pronounced flavors of blue cheese, mustiness, mushrooms and the barnyard. This cheese has a strong, persistent bouquet. Its texture is breakable, crumbly and brittle, but it is buttery and melts in the mouth.”

Reigon: Auvergne (South Central France

Milk Source: Dairy Cattle



Description: “Camembert is one of the world’s best-known cheeses. Camembert has a slightly salty taste and a typically barnyard, warm milk aroma. The taste of the cheese is milky when it is young and chalky, but it becomes strong and full-bodied with lengthy maturation.”

Reigon: Normandy, Camembert

Milk Source: Dairy Cattle


Perail de Brebis

Description: “This cheese is creamy through to the center, and has a mild, milky taste. Its aroma is characteristic of ewe’s cheeses.”

Reigon: Aveyron, Midi-Pyrénées region of France

Milk Source: Ewe



Description: “Relatively soft and smooth. Velvety but not creamy in the mouth. The rind of this relatively soft, smooth cheese has a typical earthy aroma. However, its paste has a mild, fresh, lactic aroma, with herbal notes and a nice hazelnut taste.”

Reigon: Auvergne, Saint Nectaire

Milk Source: Cattle



Description: “Its taste is rather mild and fresh, and its distinctive goat’s taste develops progressively as it matures. It can sometimes have a sharp taste when its rind is bloomy and it has undergone a long maturation period”

Reigon: Loire

Milk Source: Goat

The Five Cheese Platter

WARNING : These cheeses are HIGLY addictive... Don't Start 🙂



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